Sustainable care

ZIO acts as a pioneer in the optimum structuring of healthcare. Besides an overview of the annual accounts, the annual report also provides a great deal of information about new developments and the initiatives developed by ZIO to improve and enhance sustainability in the care sector.

Figures and plans

The Annual Report presented to all ZIO stakeholders placed ‘sustainability’ in the care sector in the spotlights. In addition to the annual accounts, the document offered an extensive look behind the scenes with respect to new developments and initiatives developed by ZIO to improve and enhance sustainability in the care sector. This was the first Annual Report to be published since the introduction of the new corporate identity outlined by our agency. The publication was presented to the various target groups in hard copy (in a limited edition to emphasise the principle of sustainability) and as an eMagazine.

ZIO testimonial

"We have been engaging R&R Communication for our communication needs for over seven years now. We are very satisfied with the products R&R makes for our organisation and additionally with the corresponding level of service. Ralph and René listen carefully to us and are able to clearly interpret our wishes. They contribute their ideas to our projects and take a proactive attitude. They then know exactly how to transform our request into a creative product that corresponds to our wishes and identity."

Communications Consultant
ZIO, Zorg in Ontwikkeling

ZIO, Care under Development

Zorg in Ontwikkeling (Care under Development, ZIO) was previously Stichting RHZ Heuvelland, a primary care organisation for Maastricht and the surrounding Heuvelland area. ZIO believes in providing the highest possible quality of care and achieves its aims by providing primary care providers (e.g. General Practitioners and physiotherapists) with proper support in their practice.

The organisations affiliated with ZIO are the Maastricht and Heuvelland Area General Practitioners’ Association (RHZ) and the Maastricht and Heuvelland Area Physiotherapists’ Foundation (Stichting Fy’net).