KCA - Logo and corporate identity

K.C.Antincendi is an Italian company dedicated to industrial fire protection using foam. This is a special fire extinguishing method, which is mainly used at large refineries and in the chemical industry. In short, situations with a big and continuous fire hazard. K.C.Antincendi is one of the leading players in this market and is known as “KCA” for short.

The new KCA. The circle is completed.

As the Italian family name and the corporate identity used did no longer do justice to the international position of the company, the request was to develop a new logo and corporate identity. During Identity Seminars with management and Marketing the DNA of the company was carefully unraveled. This resulted in a new brand positioning: “KCA: flexibility you can depend on”

Message in a bubble.

As a starting point for the logo we opted for several circles that symbolize the structure of foam. The subtle layering in the logo stands for connection and focus and the use of colors strongly refers to fire protection. The highly recognizable “foam” logo holds it’s own also as a stand-alone element and has been established in the whole corporate identity. From visiting cards to the new website.


KCA is a leading company in the production of water-foam fire fighting equipment. KCA products are accurately manufactured and tested; their execution meets high quality standards and all Italian and International regulations commonly in use. For more than 25 years KCA products have been sold and installed all over the world. High quality and a broad product range have given K.C.Antincendi the leadership position with an ever-increasing range of activities in this highly competitive field.