New corporate identity

When it comes to fire protection the American company Viking is “trusted above all”. That is the essence of the brand positioning. The merger with German Minimax saw the birth of a multinational and with it the need for a new corporate identity. In a seminar at the kickoff European and American management collected the building blocks for the new visual identity.

Fire protection 'outside the box'

In Viking’s new identity the expression “outside the box” plays a central role. This principle stands for innovation, intelligence and thinking differently in order to find new solutions for fire protection. The spearheads in the new identity are a series of modern “product icons” and secondary colors in the cold spectrum. These colors refer to staying “cool”, being innovative and introducing fresh ideas. Additionally “the box” literally plays a central and unifying role in the whole corporate identity.


Viking is part of the Minimax Viking Group which comprises nearly 70 fire protection companies around the globe, employing approximately 7,000 people and achieving an annual turnover of €1.1 billion. The Group is therefore among the largest fire protection companies in the world. The technology portfolio ranges from electronic fire detection and extinguishing control technology to water, foam and gas extinguishing systems to mobile extinguishing equipment.