Europe gets a voice of its own

Emerson Climate Technologies is a subsidiary of the Emerson Electric Company. Although its corporate identity corresponds to that of its parent company, there was a growing demand among this division for a voice of its own that could respond to the call of the European market. Additionally, the division wished to gain a better perspective of their communication media and pinpoint those areas where innovation, improvements and expansion were needed most.

Workshops as a foundation

A series of workshops were held for the sales and marketing staff to take a closer look at the strategic core values of Emerson as a brand and to determine which of these values were most successful in Europe. Additionally, stock was taken of the requirements in the field of information and documentation and an optimum structure drawn up to accommodate these. Taking this principle as a guideline, a creative letter was written that served as the foundation of the concept.

Everyone does ‘The Wave’

This concept gives a voice to the more modern and dynamic image that was the focal point of the workshops. The theme presented throughout all aspects of the concept is ‘the wave’: a subtle, undulating movement that recurs in all forms of communication. The wave symbolises modernity, energy and forward thinking. The concept was implemented in 2010 and has since been adopted at global level by Emerson corporate communications in the US.

Emerson testimonial

"Our fruitful cooperation with R&R Communication is ongoing for many years now. Their most recent challenge was to develop a new strategy for our overall European communications. With the key brand values derived from workshops with Emerson sales and marketing as basis, R&R drafted a contemporary, dynamic and foremost highly appealing creative concept. Apart from their creative skills and professionalism, Ralph and René are a true pleasure to work with. Personal commitment at its very best!"
Manager Communications
Emerson Climate Technologies Europe

Emerson Climate Technologies

This American multinational with 30,000 employees is dedicated to the development of high-quality technology with applications in the field of air-conditioning, industrial air cooling systems and heat pumps. Emerson Climate Technologies is world market leader in climate control.