Maastricht roots in real estate

Before it became Woonder, this estate agency was already a prominent member of the Maastricht real estate community. During the establishment phase we enjoyed many inspirational brainstorming sessions with the management. The idea was to come up with a name that would express the agency’s Maastricht roots, while still appealing to people beyond the city limits: a well-resounding name with a direct link to the real estate sector. Ultimately, we chose the name ‘Woonder’, which means ‘wonder’ in the dialect traditional to Maastricht and also has the verb ‘woon’ in it, which means as much as ‘residing’ in Dutch.

Nailing your colours to the mast

We designed the logo using an eye-catching palette of colours, with the W prominently in the foreground. As the design is rather striking for the real estate sector, Woonder immediately stands out in the real estate section in the newspaper. The house style has been incorporated into all business stationery, the real estate agency signs and the lettering on the façade.

Woonder Real Estate

Woonder is a specialist estate agent in the field of sales and purchases, project analysis and consultancy, property development and real estate consultancy. The agency’s experienced team combines solid expertise with a unique, engaging outlook on the real estate sector.