If you want to achieve something, put your teeth into it!

Developments in the dental profession are evolving rapidly. Where previously a copper nameplate was sufficient, market mechanisms and the positioning of a dental practice on the market are rapidly gaining in importance. With this in mind, DENTSPLY Implants, a market leader in the field of dental implants, conceived the idea of ‘stepps® direct’. This incentive programme puts all the communication media necessary for improving the market position of a dental practice at the disposal of dental specialists, from a logo to a photo shoot and from a house style to an appointment card.

One stepp at a time

stepps® direct has been successful in Germany for some time and our agency facilitated the programme’s introduction in the Netherlands and Belgium, from individual logo design to professional photo shoots for the dental practices. Additionally, we developed an introductory campaign for the Benelux area and ‘localised’ all German and English materials for the Dutch market.


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