Combating inefficiency and waste

As part of the employer branding concept, we were asked to provide the DHL Finance organisation’s LEAN programme with its own recognisable identity. LEAN is a series of methods aimed at improving profitability by combating waste and inefficiency at work.

Meet mister Lean!

Key components of our creative concept were a company-specific LEAN logo and, in particular, a cartoon character called Mister Lean. Easily approachable and likeable. The concept offers the organisation a great deal of flexibility and also makes it more appealing for the staff involved to gain insight into complex subjects.

DHL Financial testimonial

‘When we were seeking a partner for our Employer Branding project we chose R&R Communication. Their creative empathy and perseverance, and additionally their personalised service, were what clinched the deal for us. Since that time we have worked very closely. We soon discovered a positive synergy in our collaboration. A complete and high-quality concept was developed for us that fits in with current times and, more importantly, is completely tailored to our target group, our staff in Maastricht. Ralph and René are always there for us, think proactively about our issues and have given a creative boost to our internal communication policy. Hats off to them!’

Communications Officer
DHL European Financial Services

DHL Financial Services

European Financial Services is part of DHL Deutsche Post and provides various accounting and other services to branches in Europe. The department is part of the Financial Operations Europe division and has 1,500 staff.