Healthy career opportunities

The staff of Medtronic in Heerlen and the Bakken Research Center in Maastricht, Medtronic’s international research centre, was in dire need of reinforcement. We developed a wide range of resources for this purpose over the course of several years, in which the key pillars of our approach were formed by an appealing format for personnel advertisements, an internet site with employer information and vacancies, a stand at career fairs and a special orientation DVD for new staff.

Shocking figures with regard to cardiac arrest

Out of all persons in the Netherlands to suffer a cardiac arrest only one in ten will be able to talk about it afterwards: shocking figures that are even lower in Belgium. We employed a catchy direct mailing concept for Medtronic Physio-Control that would urge big businesses and organisations to purchase a ‘LifePak’. The LifePak is an automatic external defibrillator (AED) and administers a measured electric shock to restore the heart function. A universal concept was developed for the Dutch and Belgian markets. The topic was persuasively brought to the attention of the public through a pictogram that visualised 100 persons and subsequently showed empty frames.


Medtronic is a global market leader in medical technology and helps people all over the world alleviate their pain, regain their health and extend their life. Although the roots of the company lie in the treatment of heart diseases, it is currently also engaged in the development and production of a wide range of products and therapies.