Is Rockfon sustainable? Naturally!

Rockfon recently commissioned us to develop a campaign concept that would put sustainability in the spotlights. When Rockfon came to us, numerous publications about sustainability were circulating. However, cohesion between the various publications was lacking and the information came in bits and pieces.

A claim, a logo and a multi-layer concept

Rockfon opted for a uniform approach that would work just as well for architects and decision makers as for installers and wholesalers. We added several layers to the communication, in which Rockfon’s various statements about sustainability were brought together under a single umbrella concept, varying from the core message to detailed information for specific target audiences.

Our aim was to enhance credibility around the theme of sustainability, to which the following motto applied: ‘The competition claims to do it. Rockfon actually does it.’ So, if the question is: Sustainable?...the answer can only be...Naturally!

The logo ‘Sustainable? Naturally!’ is deployed as the identifying feature and primary unifying factor for all communication with regard to sustainability. The logo has a ‘likeability’ factor that can be aimed at all target audiences and used for a comprehensive range of applications (from trade fairs, advertisements and presentations to stationery and stickers on Rockfon boxes).

The advertisements form another pillar in the campaign, with ‘storytelling’ in the form of testimonials by renowned architects and designers, each of whom shines a spotlight on a determining environmental aspect associated with Rockfon.

Whitepapers are another component. A series of topical publications highlighting renowned projects and explaining why sustainability was a determining factor in Rockfon’s decision.

Featuring a new trade fair stand in which the topic ‘Sustainable? Naturally!’ is given pride of place, gadget support and a multi-language brochure designed especially for this purpose, the campaign has been running successfully for several months and serves as the guiding principle for communication in 2014.


"Since several years we are partnering quite intensely with the team from R&R Communication and everytime they prove why. Inventive, creative and trustworthy. The recent sustainability strategy, the previous soccer World Cup campaign, the many exhibitions, the genuine ideas for the Pacific campaign etc. In short: we can highly recommend long as they promise to preserve capacity for our challenges!"

Marketing Communication Coordinator
Rockfon Benelux


Rockfon is the market leader in soft mineral ceiling solutions and is a division of Rockwool International - the world’s largest stone wool producer. Rockfon has been active in the Benelux countries for more than 35 years, developing innovative ceiling solutions that help create comfortable residential, working and living conditions in every building. Rockfon incorporates the highest possible degree of acoustic comfort into modern design and coordinated to contemporary trends and developments.