Diagnosis: Website with CMS

The adoption of a new logo and house style by the Eastern South Limburg General Practitioners’ Association prompted the organisation to commission us for the design of a new website. The website, which would be maintained by the staff, needed not only to be attractive with plenty of contemporary appeal, but had to be easily accessible for both doctors and patients. The website was built with a content management system (CMS) and provided with a contemporary design and a dynamic flavour. Additionally, it had a newsletter module incorporated into it.

HOZL testimonial

"Our new website does precisely what we intended: addres and appeal to our target groups and stake holders. Thanks to the cooperation with R&R Communication the website and navigation is structured perfectly and all information is easy to find.  Updating the website is a piece of cake with the tailored CMS and whenever needed I can always lean on the knowledge and professionalism of RenĂ© and Ralph.
We also received a perfect and user friendly tool to send out professional email newsletters which are perfectly aligned with our website. In short: satisfaction guaranteed."

Communication Specialist
OZL General Practitioners

General Practitioners in Eastern South Limburg

One hundred and thirty-two general practitioners are united in the Eastern South Limburg General Practitioners Care Group (Zorggroep Huisartsen OZL). This care organisation, composed of and for the benefit of GPs, enables local residents to arrange their general practitioner care through a central secretariat, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.