Affordable healthcare, at your doorstep.

The world of healthcare is ever-changing. A new initiative is the so called: “anderhalvelijnszorg” (line and a half care): a link between first line care (GP) and second line care (hospital). The idea originated from the need for cheaper and qualitatively equivalent care. In the “anderhalvelijnszorg” the medical specialist or surgeon does not give consultation at the hospital but at the district’s health center. So, near the patient and with the advantage that the patient’s insurance excess won’t be applied.

Your specialist in the neighborhood

This project is a collaboration between Maastricht UMC+, health insurer VGZ and ZIO. Our agency was asked to give form and content to the communication for this innovation.
It was decided to choose the name “Stadspoli” (Citypoli) as the brand name. “Your specialist in the neighborhood” was chosen as the most appealing payoff from a series of suggestions. The Stadspoli logo has a typographic character through which, by way of a subtle adjustment, the medical character is highlighted in the letter “S”
By now Stadspoli is in full operation at two locations in Maastricht and can count on plenty of national (media) attention.


We have been engaging R&R Communication for our communication needs for over four years now. We are very satisfied with the products R&R makes for our organisation and additionally with the corresponding level of service. Ralph and René listen carefully to us and are able to clearly interpret our wishes. They contribute their ideas to our projects and take a proactive attitude. They then know exactly how to transform our request into a creative product that corresponds to our wishes and identity."

Communications Consultant
ZIO, Zorg in Ontwikkeling


Stadspoli was born from a collaboration between Maastricht UMC+, health insurer VGZ and ZIO. It forms part of the striving toward “anderhalvelijnszorg”, where the medical specialist gives consultations in the neighborhood instead of the hospital.

Participating parties :
Maastricht UMC+
Zorgverzekeraar VGZ
ZIO Zorg in Ontwikkeling

Stadspoli in the media:
TV broadcast Stadspoli in RTL4 News
TV broadcast Stadspoli in Een Vandaag (NPO1)