Joining forces in primary care

Innovations and developments in healthcare are following each other in rapid succession. One of the goals is to organise primary care more directly and efficiently to cut costs, while simplifying and lowering the threshold for patient care. Parallel to these developments, the Maastricht East Health Centre (Gezondheidscentrum Maastricht Oost) was opened at the end of 2012. Our agency was asked to come up with an appealing identity for the centre

White ladies in the field

The heart of the house style is formed by a logo showing two white female figures in a field. There is a historic motive behind this. The district where the centre is located was formerly called ‘White Ladies’ Field’. The name was taken from the white-clad ‘nuns’ who cared for the residents back then.

The house style is reflected in many aspects: the striking lettering on the new building’s windows, the new website with its own CMS functionality and, of course, all printed matter for the day-to-day running of the practice.

Maastricht East Health Centre

A group of care professionals in various disciplines collaborate closely at the Maastricht East Health Centre to provide all the care their patients need: GPs, doctor’s assistants, administrative and other support professionals, physiotherapists, speech therapists, dieticians, psychologists, district nurses and other care providers.